Thank You

No project of this magnitude could be done without the assistance of many, many other people. 

Facing Hunger in America gratefully thanks all of the following individuals who contributed in one or many ways to making this project a success.  You taught us about your programs, allowed us to volunteer beside you, helped with lodging, kept our homes in order while we were away, and provided tremendous advice and spiritual support.  THANK YOU!

Filomena Acevedo, Will Allen, Anne Allgaier, Rev. Sally Allocca, Bethany Alvis, Kate Antonacci, Allen Anway, Carol Anway, Dorothy Anway, Tonya Asher, Judith Auslander, Lindsey Baker, Rev. David Bard, Steve Barse, Yesenia Bazan, Patricia Beebe, Jason Begany, Susan Bell, Joel Berg, Regina Bergman, Maureen Berner, Leslie Bingham, George Braley, Wes & Sarah & Charlie Bramhall, Sheri Branco, Jill Brand, Albert Brenner, Kerri Brison, David Bross, Diane Brown, Julia Brown, Pam Budenbender, Jacqueline Buleje, Adrienne Burroughs, Linda Burton

Marla Caplon, Brooke & Ian & Lila & Libby & Birch Carleton, Steve Carlson, Nancy Carrington, Stacia Carwell, Kathy Casaletto, Cynthia Caudillo, Megan Cazer, Dick Chadwick, Jessica Chanay, Mary Chartrand, Karen Chernotsky, Lisa Christie, Mariko Churchill, Rev. Duane Clinker, Pastor Rex Clyde, Richard Colker, Eric Cooper, Michelle Cooper, Amy Cooper-Ayles, Katherine Corey, Jackie Cumming, Michael Curtin

Sally Dover, Laura Dunfield, Arlene Dura, Chris Egelkraut, Maurice Egnor, Jane Emmons, Marinda Evans, Margo Ezekiel, Rev. Rebecca Foote, Melvin Gardner, Rev. Steve Garnaas-Holmes, Carol Garrity, Di Anne Garza, Julie Gehrki, Genie & John Gerdes, Scott Glasser, Grey Gorman, Stephen Grimaldi, Cassandra Guess, Awot Haile, Lisa Harkins, Jim Harmon, Mary Harmon, Theresa Hassler, Pearl Haux, Christine Henry, Alice Heun, Mike Hickcox, Rev. Louise Higginbotham, John Hill, John Hillegass, Sue Hinman, David Holben, Lois Huffines, Tim Hunter, Julie Huwe, Javier Izaguirre, Beverly Jackey, Alex & Stela & Andrew Johnson, Seema Jolly, Mary Judnich

Dorigen Keeney, Oliver Kim, Aparna Krishnaswamy , Devi Kharel, Kathy Knight, Derek & Judy Kotze, Andy Lafleur, John Lance, Kelly Landrieu, Utu & Samiana Langi, Rev. R. G. Lyons, Jim MacKenzie, Deb Maurer Maher, Caroline Martens, Keith & Lily Martin, Ed Matarese, Loretta Mays, Richard McCarthy, Julie McCord, Elizabeth McDaniels, Bruce McKinney, Jana Meyer, Maeve Miccio, Rhondell Miller, Richard Moeding, Rev. Bob Moore, Evelyn Johnson Moore, Susannah Morgan, Merry Morse, Barbara Murphy, Robrelle Murray, Rev. Ronald R. P. Myers

Anna & Warren Newton, Tracy Nolan, Russ O'Brien, Gary Oppenheimer, Marissa Parisi, Rev. Lois McCullen Parr, Anne Parshall, Shawn Pearson, Sandy Perrine, Elijah Perry, Sheila Peterson, Rev. Barry Petrucci, Jack Polakoff, Raj Pongsugree, Trina Poole, Brooke Porter, Christine Porter , Captain Nancy Powers, David Procter, Jim Puff, Sarah Ramey, Mary Beth Raven, Emily Reed, Lauren Reilly, Sharon Reilly, Daniel Reyes, Thad Rhoden, Wayne Rhodes, Rev. Bill Ritter, Cathy Rohrer, Dale Romans, Claudia Rowland, Joan Rudenko, Tara Russell, Chandra Ruthstrom

Erika Salgado, Luzette Samargia, Nancy Sanchez, Sarah Sanders, Alex Scheff, Blake & Bill & Edie & Liam Scherer, Bruce Schenkel, Jacqlyn Schneider, Ginny & Larry Schuelke, Brenda Schwaab, Nancy Seaberg, Liz Seman, Ama Shambulia, Matt Simcox, Erinn Simon, Jean Simpson, Josh Slotnick, Myrna Smith, Tyler Smith, Melissa Sobolik, Barbara Sonnenschein , Brent Southcombe, Bill & Baba Spillman, Roxanne Stark, Paul Stevens, Wendy Stewart, Robin Stilwell, Senator Debbie Stabenow, Duke Storen, Carla Stowe, Stephen & Lees Stuntz

Ben Timmerman, David Toahty, Rev. Mariah Furness Tollgaard, Shannon Traeger, Richard Vargas, Yvonne Vaughan, Paco Velez, Seth Villalobos, Rev. Martha Vink, Jerry Viou, Rev. Amy Wake, Mike Waldmann, Heather Waldo, Bobbi Warburton, Mary Wasserman, Elaine Waxman, Nancy Weed, Carol Weeks, Rev. Cara & Rev. Matt Weiler, Deb Welsh, Pastors Joe & Linda Wingo, Patti Whitney-Wise, Chad Whittenburg, Johnny Willis, Mark Winne, Gayle Woodsum, Meng Yang

Many other people along the road contributed, too, and if we have inadvertently left anyone off this list, we apologize.

We owe a very special thanks to our home churches, St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church in Acton, MA, and Portage Chapel Hill United Methodist Church in Portage, Michigan, and to the Board of Global Ministries of the West Michigan Conference of the United Methodist Church.  You allowed us to see the possibilities, supported our work through your shared interest and sponsorship, sent us forth with your prayers, and welcomed us home with eagerness and love.  Thank you! 
Seward Memorial United Methodist Church, Seward, AK
In addition, while on the road, we were privileged to worship with 29 other church congregations.  Sometimes you knew we were coming, and other times we just arrived on Sunday.  Thank you for providing a church home away from home and a spiritual renewal for us on our travels.
  • Foundry United Methodist Church, Washington DC
  • Cornerstone United Methodist Church, Bear, DE
  • Floyd United Methodist Church, Floyd, VA
  • Main Street United Methodist Church, Bedford, VA
  • University United Methodist Church, Chapel Hill, NC
  • Canton Central United Methodist Church, Canton, NC
  • Beaver Memorial United Methodist Church, Lewisburg, PA
  • East Lake United Methodist Church, Birmingham, AL
  • Emmanuel Praise Church, Monroe, GA
  • The United Methodist Church of Sun City Center, Sun City Center, FL
  • Galloway Memorial United Methodist Church, Jackson, MS
  • St Paul’s United Methodist Church, Houston, TX
  • First American United Methodist Church, Norman, OK
  • First United Methodist Church, Duluth, MN
  • McCabe United Methodist Church, Bismarck, ND
  • Missoula First United Methodist Church, Missoula, MT
  • Seward Memorial United Methodist Church, Seward, AK
  • First United Methodist Church, Anchorage, AK
  • First United Methodist Church, Fairbanks, AK
  • First Presbyterian Church, Kent, WA
  • Asbury United Methodist Church, Hood River, OR
  • First United Methodist Church, Rock Springs, WY
  • First United Methodist Church, Columbus, NE
  • St John’s United Methodist Church, Albuquerque, NM
  • Gold Canyon United Methodist Church, Gold Canyon, AZ
  • University United Methodist Church, Las Vegas, NV
  • Glide United Methodist Church, San Francisco, CA
  • First United Methodist Church, Honolulu, HI
  • Burns Memorial United Methodist Church, Aurora, CO
Finally and most importantly, Facing Hunger in America thanks all the food insecure Americans who shared their lives and the ways they cope with hardship.  You are truly inspiring as you see to the health and well-being of your families.  We take your stories and faces with us always.

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